The most sustainable kitchen in the world

Sustainability pioneers for over 80 years

Lifelong Benefits

With a timeless, linear design, Forster kitchensIt stands by its owners indestructible with all material advantages for a lifetime. This longevity makes Forster kitchens economically and ecologically interesting.

Swiss Origin

With 80% added value in Switzerland, Forster is sustainably strengthening Switzerland as a production location. This means that added value remains where it was created when the company was founded in 1874.

It starts with the raw material

Forster steel kitchens obtain the raw material from voestalpine in Austria. Steel makes an essential contribution to a low-carbon future in our society. It is also one of the most widely used materials in the world and it is impossible to imagine a sustainable society without it. Without loss of quality, recyclable and durable.

91% Recyclable

Should a steel kitchen ever be dismantled, its components can be recycled without any problems and without hazardous waste. Steel fronts are melted down again. The recycled cardboard used is biodegradable. Forster kitchens have an extremely low plastic content of less than 3%.

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Forster steel kitchens have an extraordinarily long lifespan of at least 30 years – twice as long as wooden kitchens. A competition from 2018 proves that numerous 50- and 60-year-old Forster kitchens are in use across Switzerland.

Economic Profitability

The patented hinges are only adjusted once: during assembly. Thanks to the robust steel, no maintenance of the furniture is necessary. This freedom from maintenance and the long service life of Forster kitchens reduce the annual costs and thus ensure a high level of cost-effectiveness. A calculation example.


Repair comes before exchange

Repair of all brands from a single source. We take care of smaller and larger repair work, replace defective devices and install suitable new devices with reduced energy consumption. We also serve our customers reliably with practical and stylish extensions. Our specialists are stationed throughout Switzerland and can be on site in the shortest possible time.

Forster Stahlküche is a MINERGIE® specialist partner and is committed to the goals of the MINERGIE® brand. MINERGIE® is committed to promoting the rational use of energy and the use of renewable energies as a contribution to reducing environmental pollution while at the same time improving the quality of life.

Net zero as a goal is ambitious, but also offers many opportunities with innovation, entrepreneurship and the right climate policy framework. As a proud member of swisscleantech, we stand for a CO2-neutral Switzerland.

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